What’s an SSL Certificate?

As the internet and solutions for better quality website protection increase and evolve, the resourcefulness of cyber criminals increases as well. Google is working towards making the internet a safer place. They’re encouraging website owners to use specific protocols such as HTTPS. This ensures that data sent from your computer to the site you’re viewing is encrypted and transmitted securely.

With the introduction of Chrome 68, Google will identify all sites without HTTPS as insecure. All other web sites secured with SSL certificates will continue to have https letters displayed within the url. SSL certificates have several benefits for both business and personal websites.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates have been available for use for more than twenty years. When you have an SSL certificate the sensitive data of your website’s visitors is transferred over a secure network. Several organizations delay their purchase of the certificate due to their price and the difficulty of implementation, despite the importance of the SSL. Obtaining an SSL certificate now is less complicated today because some initiatives have created a simple installation method.

The Importance of SSL Certificates

Increasing your site security should always be a priority. SSL certificates will protect the sensitive information transmitted to and from your website. Examples of this information includes signup, login and personal information, addresses or payment. These certificates assist protect the data of your visitors by encrypting the connection, and prevents it from being improperly used by attackers.

Subdomain Safety

There are specific types of SSL certificates that provides security for your main web site as well as its subdomains with only one certificate. These are known as Wildcard certificates. This is primarily useful for business owners or if you’re maintaining large sites with many subdomains. If you chose a standard SSL you’d have to obtain one certificate per domain.

Customer Credibility and Trust

One major benefit of SSL certificates is that they assist you with gaining visitors’ trust. There’s a security padlock in the address bar of the browser. Your website is displayed with a security padlock in the address bar of the browser. This lets your website’s visitors know that you value their privacy and provide a secure connection. Some browsers will label your site as unsafe if you don’t have an SSL certificate.

SEO Advantages with an SSL Certificate

One more benefit having an SSL certificate is the improvement of the SEO rankings that your site receives. Google provides encrypted websites with slight boost in their rankings. It may not be a substantial increase however it does give an advantage over competitors without certificates.