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A small sampling of the services we offer our clients.

Design & Development

The most important marketing tool is your website. Space Age Web develops the highest quality websites that create the perfect fit for your business. We create websites that are completely responsive across all platforms from mobile to desktop. Our websites are truly custom and include top-notch website security. We’re prepared to design and develop the perfect custom website and provide the best client experience.

Total Site Security

Website security is a very critical component that’s necessary to secure and protect servers and websites. Space Age Web provides the absolute best WordPress security solutions to protect your business and its customers. Site Security seems to be overlooked by most businesses. However, consumers expect businesses to safeguard their personal information. Our websites are built with security as our top priority.

Web Hosting & CMS Solutions

Space Age Web provides custom web hosting solutions. Our web hosting specialists ensure that your website is secure and the CMS is up to date. Our web hosting services include website only hosting, website and email hosting, E-Commerce website hosting and hosting with analytics. Our web hosting solutions include the best site security for your business and its customers.

Professional Photography

We create high quality, custom photos that provide the perfect fit for your business and brand. Whether you’re refreshing your brand or starting new custom photography provides the best option for your website. Our professional photography includes your photo session, our complete editing process, and high quality images matching your brand perfectly.

Analytics Solutions

We provide analytics solutions that are perfect for your business. This includes the collection, analysis, and reporting of website data. Effective web analysis includes recognizing key performance indicators, and creating objectives. We’ll identify specific measures based on your organizational and user goals which determines success and drives strategy. Our analytics are perfect solution for growing your business.

SEO & Keyword Research

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and keyword research are the two major elements of content marketing. This involves recognizing popular phrases and words that individuals enter into search engines. Space Age Web provides a better understanding of the high demand for specific keywords. We provide our clients with the highest quality SEO and Keyword Research training.

Professional Branding

Professional branding gives your business a competitive edge and advantage over other businesses similar to your own. Achieving a powerful and effective brand strategy with a unique design is extremely important. This conveys your company’s credibility, value, quality, and experience. The Space Age Web branding process begins with obtaining your ideas and expectations for your branding design or refresh. We’ll develop a creative plan, strategy and provide unique designs that fit your business. We ensure that our brand designs align with your company’s vision and expectations.

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy or strategic design are the most effective methods to achieve success with every web design project. Space Age Web begins by establishing your business goals and expectations. We establish your audience and discuss your brand which gives your business credibility and value. Analytics allows us to measure business growth and success. Our website security features protect your business and its customers. These steps ensure a pleasant experience with the perfect custom website that surpasses your goals and expectations.

E-Commerce Solutions

Everyday more people choose to shop online instead of in stores. More businesses have made the switch to online storefronts only. Consumers prefer this because it saves time. Business owners prefer this because it lowers their cost and streamlines operations. Space Age Web builds custom e-commerce solutions entirely customized to your specific business requirements. Security is important to include with every website but even more so with an e-commerce site. Our expertise allows us to create a custom website that matches your e-commerce needs perfectly while providing the highest quality security available.

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